M&Excel Training II: Building a management cockpit in Excel

A management cockpit prepares the most important information of a project in a visually compressed form. This training will provide you with step by step instructions for the structuring of individual elements of such a cockpit in Excel. One important focus will be on diagrams and traffic light systems. We will also introduce you to working with the free Microsoft Software "Power BI", which makes it easy to create interactive and attractive dashboards. 

In addition, we will cover other elements such as top tables, which filter out the top three elements from a list, for example in projects with the highest expenditure or with the least reached of beneficiaries.

Please note that the participation in this Excel training is recommended only with certain basic knowledge of Excel (see checklist).

Language: English

The participation fee is 99€.

120 Minutes
Next dates: 
Thu, 9.11.2017 - 15:00