Flexible Tools, Flexible Work Environments

Hector Alfaro

(UPDATE: MAY 2018)

I had previously written about the wonders of working remotely (see here). It has been almost 2 years since I took on this approach, so I thought I should provide an update on this experience.

I know there are several companies out there with very flexible approaches, but to date, I do not know another organization that is as flexible as energypedia consult, in terms of providing their employees with tailor made work contracts. Perhaps this flexibility is what makes our tools great! Not only do we provide our customers with tools that tailor to their needs, but as employees, we also get tailor made employment agreements ourselves.

Here is my current situation:

I live in Berlin, while my company is headquartered in Eschborn (near Frankfurt) and I work remotely. I set up a desk in my living room, and voilà! My office was born.

It was fun the first year, because I started working from home pretty much at the beginning of autumn. In the blink of an eye it was winter time, so it was very easy and comfortable to wake up and not have to commute and face freezing temperatures (it's Berlin after all)... 

But time flies and all of a sudden it’s summertime! Now I start feeling the need to get out of my apartment, and engage in conversations with real people and not with the walls surrounding my desk. I realize how much I miss talking to people or having lunch with someone. “Did I make a big mistake working from home?” I started wondering…

But hey, I realize I live in Berlin, a city thriving in the start-up and co-working space scene. “I should get my foot in!” I thought to myself.

After a long search, I believe I have found the place. All I need now is for my boss to approve this idea and I will have a desk at a co-working space! “Sounds good, go ahead!” says the boss.

So today, I am dividing my time between home and the Factory Berlin (this is the co-working space/business club I chose). I believe this is the perfect balance (part time from home, and part time from the Factory). If it’s rainy, I stay at home, if it’s sunny, I go to the Factory! We have all sorts of business and networking events going on. We even have access to ceratin Google campuses worldwide, which is a big plus! 

Thanks energypedia consult for allowing me this flexibility!