Certified Monitoring and Excel Trainings in Kigali

Melanie Uhlen

Our Rwanda office is giving certified one-day trainings on "Results-Based Monitoring" and "Excel Tools for Results Monitoring" in Kigali! Ideal for people who work (or want to work) in the non-profit sector and want to upgrade their skills regarding Monitoring and Evaluation. Book the sessions separately or as a discounted package. You will find all the details here. If you have questions, call us at (+250) 0782491154 for more information.

  1. Results-based Monitoring, Tuesday, 28th August, 8:00pm – 17:00 pm
  2. Excel Tools for Results Monitoring, Wednesday, 29th August, 8:00am - 17:00 pm

It's time to upgrade your Monitoring and Evaluation skills to 2.0! So come join us - it's always the right time to learn something new!