So Far, so Fair

Lisa Feldmann

For the year 2018, we have compensated the greenhouse gases of all our flights!

In sum, we compensated a total of 11.044 kg CO2 emissions, equivalent to 293 Euros.

We compensated our flight emissions with the help of the climate protection organization atmosfair. Based on the distance of your flight, the flight class and the aircraft type, atmosfair calculates your flight’s CO2 footprint and offsetting costs. Atmosfair then uses your climate protection payment to develop renewable energy, mainly in developing countries.

Besides supporting energy projects in India, Kenya, and Nigeria, our contribution will benefit the dissemination of efficient firewood stoves in Rwanda. They save up to 80% of energy in comparison to traditional cookstoves and reduce deforestation in the region.

Of course, from a climate protection perspective, avoiding or reducing our amount of flights comes before offsetting, which is why we travel within Germany by train only and choose to hold many of our trainings online.