We Welcome our New Customers!

Lisa Feldmann

We are happy to have recently been contracted by these four organizations and programs:

  • Expertise France Haiti will use WebMo for monitoring and evaluation of their “Urban Governance & Resilient Cities” program. The program aims at facilitating the dialogue between Haitian institutions in charge of land planning and management, to foster social and economic development and to contribute to the resilience of the Haitian population.
  • GIZ “Reintegration”, a multi-stakeholder program to support migrants returning to their home countries, will use WebMo to improve the exchange of information between different institutions. A project database will document the activities offered by civil society organizations and allow for the documentation of best practices and experience made in different countries.
  • GIZ’s regional program for “Climate Resilient and Sustainable Energy Supply in the Caribbean” (Cli-RES) which has a component co-funded by the EU, will use a WebMo platform to improve monitoring and coordination within the team. A prior program already used WebMo successfully, as program leader Glynn Morris confirms: “The wiki, and especially the WebMo, has been extremely useful – especially in a regional project such as the REETA project which has a very small team that is based in different countries.”
  • Viamo has sub-contracted us in Madagascar, to build up a WebMo monitoring platform for the GIZ program “Adaptation of agricultural value chains to climate change”.