Wikipedia or how it all started

Lisa Feldmann

On 15 January 2021, Wikipedia turned 20 years old. But what does that have to do with us, the energypedia consult and nonprofit teams?

Actually, quite a lot! For our nonprofit energypedia, a platform for energy access, renewable energies and energy efficiency, this might be obvious. The idea and software are the same: people from all over the world have free access to knowledge and can share their experience with other energy experts to make universal access to sustainable energy a reality.

But for energypedia consult the link may not be that obvious. Still, without Wikipedia there would be no WebMo! Our software for monitoring and collaboration in development programs is based on Wikimedia, the software behind Wikipedia. Sure, we have adapted it to our customer needs, developed some extensions and combined it with other software. Wikimedia, however, remains the foundation for WebMo. Originally developed about 10 years ago, WebMo has since seen some major improvements, re-launches and so on to best meet the needs of development M&E experts. You can test it for free, have a look!