energypedia consult in Latin America!

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So, energypedia consult goes to Nicaragua! This is the first time for us as a company in Latin America. We have had some projects with clients in Latin America before, but all implementations were remote, so this is the first time we actually visit any country there.

This time we will be presenting WebMo to Centro Humboldt in Managua. Centro Humboldt is an non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of territorial development through sustainable management of the environment and natural resources.

Since I am a native Spanish speaker, I will present WebMo to them in Spanish. The aim of the trip is to create awareness of our tool in the region and implement a WebMo platform for Centro Humboldt in order to assist them with their monitoring processes. The tool is already prepared and I will steer a workshop showing Centro Humboldt how to create projects and enter data in WebMo. After the workshop, Centro Humboldt will start using WebMo as part of their monitoring process.

I'm looking forward to this trip to Nicaragua as it will be my first time in Central America. A big plus is that the trip will be exactly during spring time!

Hector Alfaro