Forget About Spreadsheet Tabs!

Hector Alfaro's picture

How many tabs on Excel can you actually (and comfortably) work with?

Let’s face it. If you work with spreadsheets, most likely you would like to see few tabs and just about as many columns and rows as your screen can fit without having to eternally scroll down or sideways to see your data (unless you really like scrolling, but I doubt it).

Organizing your projects or contacts does not have to be this way. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use a web-based platform with all relevant databases and then find the information you are looking for through a search mask? Or decide that you would like to display your data in the form of a table or a list? Furthermore, wouldn’t it be great to simply share the URL of a database entry with your colleagues, without having to send the entire spreadsheet with them?

Our wiki-based databases can be customized according to your design needs and specifications. We can make them as interactive or as simple as you wish (e.g. adding timelines, maps, videos, links, images, graphs, slideshows, etc.). 

Every database entry can be edited at any time, and the great thing is that it will always be the latest version of it. 

But wait, what kind of databases am I talking about? Well, the possibilities are virtually endless: consultant database, events database, publication database, document database, project database, country database, donor database, etc.

Would you like to see how a database can look like in our wiki platforms? Request a free WebMo Guest Account here and check it out. Just play around the system and see what you can do! If you have any questions simply get in touch with us.