How to download your report

Hector Alfaro's picture

In the past couple months, we have made a huge improvement to our reporting section. Namely, we have made it possible to download your logframe into MS Word by date, including a factsheet of your project!

Previously, downloading your logframe was only possible showing the current progress of indicators and activities, and only that, just the logframe (no factsheet of your project). We quickly realized that sometimes it was necessary to have a historic overview of the progress in past dates, as well as further information about your project (factsheet). For this reason, we upgraded this feature so that you can choose past progress dates for indicators and activities, and also added a factsheet about your project.

To download your logframe into MS Word, simply navigate to the "Reporting" tab and enter your desired reporting date. When you are ready, click on the "Download" button. That's it!

You will notice that by default, the reporting date enabled is "today". This was done since in most cases, the current progress is what is usually desired. But as already mentioned, feel free to change the date to any past date you wish.

Not convinced about this "standard" solution? No worries! Our reporting feature is customizable and can be taylor-made according to your specific reporting criteria, design, and logo. Feel free to contact us and we can design your own template together!

Last but not least, you can always download your logframe components individually as CSV files to be opened as tables in MS Excel.

Happy downloading!