Organize Your Events With a Colorful Calendar!

Hector Alfaro's picture

Getting an overview of what’s going on in your team is not always easy. How many times have you written down an important appointment in that old notepad of yours or on that post-it note that’s nowhere to be found anymore? We don’t always add all business appointments or events in our digital calendars immediately, and sometimes it’s easy to lose track of things. For this purpose, a very useful feature that we have incorporated to our wiki tools, is the Events Calendar, which helps you get a good perspective of what’s going on in your team. Our calendar displays different events, in different colors, to give you a bird’s-eye view of important developments coming up. So, for example you can have all conference events displayed in orange color, while all team member absences are colored in blue and all consultant visits are shown in a nice purple fashion.

Using a centralized calendar for your team is a very useful way to see what’s going on and who’s available, who’s on leave, who’s where and when, etc., which makes it easier to organize and visualize all reminders! It is also possible to incorporate as many colors as needed for as many different event types wished to be displayed. Complementing this, we can also visualize the events in a timeline to keep a historical record of them, and also display a list of upcoming events.

And yes, alerts and notifications can also be incorporated.