Setting Up a Monitoring System in Myanmar

Johanna Hartmann's picture

Last month Robert and I, Johanna, assisted the GIZ mini-grid project in Myanmar to set up a monitoring system. During five exciting days of workshops, we went through the wide diversity of activities they plan to do in the coming months. That way we were able to identify the most suitable indicators how to measure best the success of the project. We introduced the results model and the GIZ standards to the team. The results model allows the team to identify the areas that are crucial in their daily work to promote mini-grids along all relevant stakeholders on union, state, and rural level.

Together we had lively discussions about the priorities and the measurement options for each result that the team wants to achieve. Indicators and their respective measurements are already documented in their WebMo system. But of course this is only a starting point: Now, the system will need to be continuously fed with updates from the project team.

Further points of discussion were:

  • What do we have to report to headquarters and to the donor?
  • How do we make the transition from paper-based to app-based data collection?
  • What is the value-for-money concept?
  • How can a wiki make our daily work easier and more efficient?

As you can see, our days in Myanmar were full of exciting discussions! We are sure that the team will easily take up working with their wiki and improve their organizational processes.

If you want to know more about setting up a monitoring system or developing indicators, please do not hesitate to contact us!