Energy Market Development Scorecard

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We are proud to have developed a tool to investigate, measure, and subsequently be able to effectively stimulate the market development for modern energy products and services. This market development scorecard, which we developed for Energising Development (EnDev), offers:

  • a starting point for determining the level of market development;
  • a scorecard with 19 market development indicators that can be tracked over time;
  • a guideline for developing baseline scenarios and predictions on how markets could develop; and for tracking actual developments against those predictions;

To assess market development helps to recognize changes, trends and gaps. Those might indicate the project’s need to redirect its attention and/or change its activities: e.g. strengthening business networks in order to reinforce supply or pulling out of a region because a market appears to be sufficiently mature.

The energy market scorecard offers a pathway to systematically collect market data and thus serves to take informed decisions to enhance energy access markets.

For more details about the scorecard, click here.

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