How to Upload Files

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Do you want to link documents and pictures to an article? Then upload them first! Learn here how to do it.


1. First of all, name the document!

Before uploading, we recommend to name the file properly. For a publication you could use title, author/publisher, and year. For example: Health Systems_WHO_2017

For a picture, you could use a word that describes what is shown in the image, the name of the photographer and the year the picture was taken. For example: Solarpanel_Tanzania_NameOfPhotographer_2015

2. Click on the option Upload file in the toolbox on the left column of the page.

Upload file








3. Click on the button "Select a media file to donate".

4. The file browser opens and allows you to choose a file from your computer. Select the respective file and click "Open". Once the file has been successfully uploaded, click “Continue”.

5. You are now asked if the file is your own work or from another source. If it’s not your own work, please provide information such as source, author and licensing. In a next step, please add a description and categories. 

Upload Wizard











6. In a next step, please add a description and categories. 










7. By clicking on “Next” you are done! The uploaded file can now be added to any article. Read how to link files in my next blog post.

8. To find the uploaded document, type File:Name of the File into the search bar at the top of any page.