Our Commitment

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Energypedia consult considers itself a responsible company, treating clients, partners and team members with respect, honesty and fairness.

Beyond that, we also are conscious of our corporate responsibility. Thus, we try to minimize our consumption of resources as far as possible. This means running our wikis on CO2 neutral servers as well as buying only eco-friendly office materials. Within Germany we travel by train only and for international flights we compensate our CO2 footprint.

We use 100% renewable electricity in our offices in Eschborn and Wiesbaden. This way, we will save 341 mg nuclear waste and 405 kg CO2 compared to the usual German power mix in 2018. The saved amount of CO2 is approximately equivalent to the climate protection effect of four trees.

With our profits we support the platform www.energypedia.info, thereby promoting experience exchange worldwide on renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy access in developing countries.


Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash