Remote working and the longing for personal contacts in times of Covid19

Lisa Feldmann's picture

It’s been now for one year already that the corona virus is forcing us to minimize personal contacts. Social distancing, remote working, online video conferences are our new normal in our day-to-day business.

However, as we said good-bye to our colleague Johanna some weeks ago, we just had the chance to search for old photos. Do you know this nostalgia when looking at pictures from team hikes, crowded barbecues, business trips and inspiring in-person workshops? Actually, most of us have seen each other at the Christmas party in 2019! Since we were used to work remotely with a small team located in different cities or even countries, the beginning of corona did not have much impact upon us. It was only coming slowly. The wish to see colleagues not only via digital means but in person. The need for these small private talks at the coffee machine. The feeling that we can still work remotely without problems, but that it would be better if we sat in the same office from time to time. The desire to break out of the home office, see colleagues, get fresh input or simply enjoy an after-work beer together.

energypedia barbeque 2019

Remote working, digitalization - it all has its great advantages. But it doesn’t replace personal contacts; I think that is one of the important lessons the virus has shown us. How does home office work for you?