Watchlist Function of Your Wiki

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If you want to track changes of articles you or others wrote, add them to your watchlist. By doing so, you will get automated notifications any time someone edits these articles. There are further options too, to manage your watchlist and track changes. This article describes how to do it.

Add articles to your watchlist or remove them

There are two ways:

1. Via the “Actions” button

Go to the top right corner of your article and click on the “Actions” button. A dropdown menu will appear, click on "Watch" to add the article to your watch list. If the article is already on your watchlist and you want to remove it, select “Unwatch”.





2. Via the "Edit Mode"

Click on the “Edit” button on the top right corner of the article you wish to add to your watch list. Go to the bottom of the article and check the box "Watch this page", before clicking on “Save page”.  If the article is already on your watchlist and you want to remove it, uncheck the box “watch this page”.




Manage your watchlist

To get an overview of all articles on your watchlist and to check latest changes, go to your profile page on top of your wiki.





See all articles you have added to your watchlist by clicking "View and edit watchlist". Here again you have the option to remove articles from your watchlist.









To check relevant changes of the articles on your watchlist, click on "View relevant changes" and select the time frame you are interested in.