energypedia consult goes Africa!

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Good morning, Kigali! This is my first day of work in Rwanda. I booked a one-way ticket to set up a "One-stop-monitoring" shop in Kigali and to represent energypedia consult and our monitoring and collaboration software WebMo here in East Africa.

Now I am eager to connect to the local development community, in particular fellow M&E consultants and screen the demand for tools and trainings on my speciality "IT for M&E". The services I am offering here in East Africa include:








On my first weekend, I have already learnt from the people here that you have to be careful when getting on a moto-taxi not to burn your leg on the engine; that at an altitude of around 1500m, the landing strip needs to be longer as the air is thin and does not slow the plane down that quickly; and that cockroaches love wet shower mats, but dislike light. The kids of my host family play hide-and-seek in an impressive mix of three languages and I still owe them to learn one of them, which I will try!

So, as I do not have an office yet, this terrace and panoramic view will have to do as my office for the first day. Lucky me!