One Year energypedia consult Rwanda

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One year ago, I officially registered energypedia consult Rwanda with the Rwandan Development Board. Time has been flying since then. Let’s look at the highlights in past and future of this young company (which of course remains connected to its mother company energypedia consult in Germany!). energypedia consult team Rwanda


My colleague Sandrine and I can proudly look back at a number of achievements that built the foundation of our presence here in Kigali:

  • Successful trainings on M&E and Excel in July, August and October 2018
  • Office inauguration at Business Heights Center in June: It was a great choice to share office space with other organizations rather than finding a small office just for us, for the social aspect of it and the support you can offer one another.
  • Client projects:

    • EnDev Rwanda: Since April 2018, I have consulted Energising Development Rwanda in designing the IT tools they and their government partners need, and facilitated the implementation by the software developers.
    • Siemens foundation in Kenya: We are setting up a WebMo that helps the Safe Water Enterprise program to collect data from the supported water kiosks across the country to inform decision-making and to measure progress
    • In November, I moderated the workshop on Energy Information Systems in Addis Ababa by the Energy working group of GIZ Sub-Sahara Africa
    • Software migration project for Education for Employment (E2E) in Serbia: We are currently busy with a major software upgrade for the WebMo of the E2E program to be able to meet the challenges of more and more data.
  • Connecting to major NGOs in Rwanda, the Rwandan M&E Organization (RMEO), kLab and other networks
  • Colleagues: Last, but not least my colleague Sandrine has been learning two software types in parallel, while helping with the setup of trainings and with marketing. Probably not the easiest job right after graduation, but hopefully one with many important lessons.

Upcoming for Our Next Year

  • ICT4D conference in Kampala: We are delighted to have both a table exhibit at the ICT4D conference as well as a session on our experience with using wiki software.
  • Launch of our new WebMo: The slim and affordable version for all development NGOs. Software development is expensive if done professionally. Full Stop. But the good news that after six years of refining our M&E software WebMo in the context of various client projects, we are now ready to launch a version that combines the best and most popular features at a discounted price to be able to reach more small NGOs. We will soon have the free 1-month trial, stay tuned and check it out!
  • We are currently participating in three tenders for M&E, WebMo and IT consultancy. Can’t disclose just yet who they are, but hopefully will be able to share some good news soon!

Key Insights

  • Network: It was so very helpful to connect to other entrepreneurs in Kigali to see how they navigate the tax system and build their businesses, deal with the culture, set up contracts etc. I have learnt a great deal from those who have been here longer than me and am always available to pass on those insights.
  • Patience: As a managing director, it turns out you are not as much in control as you would have expected a “boss” to be. The trick is to delegate, let go and trust that things will develop at their own time. Some things cannot be forced, but no effort is in vain. Last month, a contact I have made more than a year earlier gave me a call about a project in which he could use my help!

We are looking forward to more exciting projects in Rwanda, a growing network of partners and clients, and of course the launch of our new WebMo!