What is Confidential, Remains Confidential

Melanie Uhlen's picture

Energypedia consult’s WebMo platforms are made for collaboration. They allow any number of people in different locations to jointly work on projects and to share information. Platforms are not limited to the staff of one organization: It is very well possible to invite all concerned stakeholders regardless of their organizational affiliation.

But what if a team wishes to exchange confidential information on their WebMo platform that are not meant for the eyes of other stakeholders like donors or implementing partners? Does that mean they cannot give them access at all? Or is there a way?

Yes. Our IT staff programmed a piece of software that enables user rights management. This means that upon registration every user is sorted into a group which carries specific view and edit rights for different areas of the platform. The rights levels to choose from are ‘view and edit’, ‘view only’ and ‘no access’. The access rights are managed by trained WebMo admins appointed within the customer's team to give the customer complete ownership and control.

In our experience, the user rights management has been applied in scenarios where short-term consultants receive temporary access to work on a specific task, however are not eligible to see the hosting organization’s documentation of team meetings, monitoring data or internal brainstorm or planning pages (check out the features of WebMo). Another use case is the monitoring platform of “Powering Agriculture: An energy grand challenge for development” where grantees update their individual success indicators while not being able to see those of the others. Only the Powering Agriculture team can and it is up to them to decide what should be shared among grantees or go public.

Generally speaking, with our software tools we are advocating for more transparency and exchange in the international development sector. Our recommendation is to unlock knowledge about development issues and lessons learnt as much as possible. But with the user rights management feature of our working platforms we can at the same time make sure: What is confidential, remains confidential.