The Wikipedia Approach to Monitoring

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Monitoring is more about people than about data, and processes matter more than technology.

Just like Wikipedia is not primarily about articles, monitoring is not just about data: It is the engagement of people that lies at the heart of both. The technology itself is not decisive, as engagement is stimulated by the right processes as much as by the technology: the barriers to participation must be low – both in terms of user-friendly software and organizational structures.

Our experiences from ten years of working for various projects show that a transparent and participatory Wikipedia approach can improve not only the monitoring process, but also link it to team-learning and knowledge management.
In this light, questions are: How can monitoring become a group effort? Do flat hierarchies influence the quality of monitoring data? And what kind of technology can support a de-centralized monitoring system and engage as many team members as possible to contribute and deal with monitoring data?

Do you want to discuss with us or share your thoughts about this approach? Use the comment function of this blog or join our session on the Wikipedia Approach to Monitoring at the MERL Tech Jozi in South Africa in August 2018.