New WebMoFeatures

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To keep our WebMo software user-friendly and up-to-date to meet our customer's monitoring needs, one of our ongoing tasks is to regularly add new features. Two of the latest additions are the “Media Tab” and “Activity Sheets”.

Media Tab:
For doing your progress reporting and also to manage your public relations, including your project’s monitoring data is an important and in most cases even indispensable ingredient. Oftentimes though, what is missing are some nice pictures or videos to present your success stories and add some “icing to the cake”.
The new Media Tab in WebMo now helps to better include and organize your media files, so that you have it ready at hand when you need it. It can also serve as an external media database.

Tasks/Activity Sheets:
New activity sheets in WebMo are now part of the logframe. In order to help you to keep track of all your to do’s and activities in the monitoring process, we now introduced “sub activities”. This will make it easier to manage, classify and sub-divide your tasks.