Energy Access

Energy access is one of the most important challenges in developing countries. One in ten people worldwide lacks access to electricity, while every third person cooks on unhealthy traditional stoves.

We support organisations and companies providing access to sustainable energy by

  • conceptualising and carrying out surveys,
  • evaluating impacts,
  • doing research,
  • writing reports, studies and other publications
  • communication of results, lessons learnt and case studies in form of articles or webinars.


Since we believe in free and open approaches we also offer research in the spirit of free and open-source software.

The energy portal

This open research includes

  • using the wisdom of the internet community,
  • online sharing of ideas and collaboration of scientists on, the online platform for renewable energy in developing countries,
  • making methodology, data and findings freely available via


"Johanna Hartmann has managed highly successfully to present the state of the cookstove market and illustrate the current trends. We appreciate her recommendations on how to develop the model further that are very useful for the programme Energising Development."

Marco Hüls – Energising Development, Malawi