The energypedia Story

In 2005, Robert Heine in Bangladesh despaired of finding an Excel list. A colleague had actually entered the current monitoring data there and sent it to him, but the list was nowhere to be found. Neither in the mailbox nor in the digital document storage. Instead, umpteen outdated versions of the same list that had accumulated over time and of which no one knew anymore why they existed ...

Around the same time, during an emergency humanitarian mission in Pakistan, Uwe Schützenmeister was surprised to find that even large organizations were having paper instructions for building latrines and water pipes couriered to them from London, Geneva or somewhere else to the Kashmir region.

Independently, they began to pool their organizations' knowledge in wikis - a central repository of knowledge that every project member could access. Because too much time was lost searching for and managing documents. Robert and Uwe didn't go abroad for this. In 2010, the two met by coincidence and quickly agreed that their idea could benefit many other NGOs and projects in development cooperation.

Together with Lisa Feldmann - an energy and communications expert from the development cooperation sector - Robert Heine founded the non-profit organization energypedia in 2012 and energypedia consult GmbH shortly thereafter.


The successes

With our now ten-person team, we advise projects and organizations worldwide in more than 40 projects. Our employees are experts in the fields of monitoring & evaluation, IT & digitalization, energy access, and PR & marketing. Around 90,000 monthly visitors and almost 12,000 registered users make our wiki platform a lively knowledge portal for topics related to renewable energy and energy access.


We are serious

And that's why we are committed to a more social, fairer and greener future. Our top priority is to treat customers, partners and employees with respect, honesty and fairness. As a subsidiary of the non-profit energypedia UG, we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment. We strive to keep our consumption of resources as low as possible. Our IT solutions run on CO2-neutral servers and we only buy environmentally friendly office supplies and used office equipment as well as electronic devices. Within Germany we travel exclusively by train and for international flights we offset our CO2 emissions.

With our profit we support the platform and thereby promote the worldwide exchange around renewable energies. Furthermore, energypedia consult is an official supporter of the Principles for Digital Development and the Code of Good Practice.


Code of good practice
Principles for Digital Development