How to link to files in your wiki article

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Lisa Feldmann - 04/16/2018

Do you want to link to a file in your wiki article? That’s easy! You have two options: you can either link it with a simple hyperlink or you can insert the file as a picture link. I will describe you the two options in detail, but first make sure you have uploaded your file to your wiki already! In case you haven’t done so yet, please find instructions on how to do it here.

To start linking your file, open your wiki article by clicking on the “Edit” button. A toolbar will appear.

Now, you have to decide: do you want a simple hyperlink or a picture of your file being shown? The latter makes sense if you have a picture, graph or publication cover you want to show.

1. Insert File as Hyperlink

  • Mark the text where you want to add the hyperlink to your file.
  • Click on "Document Link". A pop-up menu will appear.
How to Link Files

Type the name or part of the name of your file/document into the field, "Define the wiki page for the link:" choose the correct one and click on “OK”.

Document Link
  • The hyperlinked text now appears in blue. Don’t forget to save you page, and you’re done!


2. Insert File as Picture

  • Click on the "Image" icon in the edit toolbar.
Picture Link
  • A pop-up menu will appear. For the field, "Image file name", type in the name of the file you want to use. It can also be the name of a document you want to show as a picture.
Include Picture

The field "Link image to a Wiki page or URL", allows you to direct your audience to a particular wiki page or a website when they click on the picture. To link it to a wiki article, simply type in the name of the article and to link it to an external website, type in the entire URL including http:

  • “Caption” allows you to add a relevant caption to your picture. The caption will be displayed below the file when you choose:
  • "Special type" -> frame or thumbnail. If you choose "Special type" -> border, then the caption will only be shown when you hover over the picture.
  • The option "Alignment" provides the opportunity to place the image on the right side, left side or center of the article. To prevent text from floating around the pictures, use center alignment.
  • The option "width" allows you to determine the width of the picture. Please do not use more than 800px otherwise the page will be skewed. The "Special type" -> frame option does not allow you to adjust the picture size.

Save the page and the image will be shown in your article!