New WebMo Features

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Hector Alfaro - 04/06/2022

We are truly happy to have received so much feedback from our WebMo users. WebMo, the software for Monitoring and Collaboration is definitely a better tool thanks to you, as we endlessly try to incorporate all what is important to you in the tool. By now, over 60 projects and organisations are using WebMo, so it wasn't easy to incorporate all the feedback received, but as always, we are happy to keep hearing further comments on how to continue improving WebMo, in order to deliver you with the best tool. Thanks to the latest feedback we have compiled, we have a couple new features that we recently deployed:

Screenshot WebMo Tasks Feature
  • Task Feature: In the activity sheet, you can further define tasks or sub-activities to manage a more detailed plan. If you want to have a more detailed overview, you can break down tasks or next steps to be more precise in your activity planning.
Screenshot WebMo Feature Tasks

Last but not least, we are working already on the next features to be deployed:

  • Media Tab: A separate tab in the project page where you can add videos and pictures to be displayed in a Gallery style. Think of it as the "Documents" tab, but specific for videos and images.
  • News section: This section will inform users about changes/updates in WebMo, so they are better informed about the latest and upcoming features.