Free Excel Guide to Building Monitoring Tools

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Imagine the following dialogue between a project manager and his supervisor:

Supervisor: “Please create a short overview of the impacts and the degree of goal achievement of your project. By tomorrow morning would be great.”

Project manager: “No Problem. I’ll just open my monitoring tool, have a look into the Management Cockpit and … done!”

Now, you might ask yourself: What is a “monitoring tool” and what is a “Management Cockpit”? And above all: How can I get one?

I’m glad the guide at hand will provide you with answers to those questions. It originates from practitioners, it is written for practitioners and it summarizes the experiences gained during the set-up and operation of efficient Excel tools for supporting a results-based monitoring approach.

A particularly promising aspect of this guide is the presentation of a “Management Cockpit”. Experienced project managers know how important it is to have a fast and at the same time comprehensive overview over their project for steering the project as well as making efficient and timely decisions.

We hope that this practical guide will give you some inspiration and hands-on instructions on how to improve your monitoring tool! To keep things simple and accessible for readers with little experience with Excel, the tools in this guide do not require Macros or Visual Basic. 


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