How to Prepare and Document Your Event in Your WebMo

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Do you plan a workshop, conference or stakeholder meeting? Then get some ideas on how to use your WebMo best for preparing and documenting your event! Since your WebMo is based on the wiki software, you can easily create normal wiki pages and add any content you want. See here for an instruction how to create wiki pages.



1. To-do lists

To organize your event within a bigger team or simply to not loose overview yourself, use normal wiki pages to create to-do-lists. Simple tables showing tasks, responsibilities, deadlines and comments already help organizing, especially if other colleagues are involved. Instead of emailing around different versions of the same document, working online on the same page is much easier and ensures all people involved always have the last up-to-date version at hand.

2. Overview page

Have one general list with all major deadlines and then link it to specific to-do-lists for different aspects that need preparation, such as venue organization, catering or communication with speakers and participants. You could also create a page with contact details of all relevant stakeholders involved or manage flight schedules from participants in case you need to pick them up at the airport.

3. Agenda

Besides to-do-lists you can also start planning the agenda in the wiki. If this should be done together with different stakeholders in a participative way, consider having user rights management allowing you to open specific pages to a wider user group or restricting access to certain pages for others.

Having all these organizational aspects in your wiki makes the planning of the event transparent to all colleagues and ensures that important milestones, contacts or relevant information are accessible at the moment you need it.


There are several options for documenting your event, depending on your needs.

  • The simplest way would be to upload presentations and link them to a general overview conference page.
  • If it is a bigger event, consider to also create pages for single days or parallel sessions, including the specific agenda and linking the respective presentations to it. Depending on the target group of your documentation, consider saving PowerPoints in PDF format before uploading them to the wiki.
  • If you have a closed workspace, there is still the option to open selected pages for the general public or for specific participants of your workshop by making use of user rights management.
  • You could also create a section for pictures or videos of the conference or for outcome documents.

Last but not least, don’t forget to categorize all related pages with a relevant tag, so that also in future they can easily be found in the wiki.

See two different examples of event documentations on energypedia, the expert wiki for renewable energy, energy access, and energy efficiency in developing countries: