We are Wiki

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I guess, while you’re reading this headline, your first association is Wikipedia and this incredible achievement of putting the entire knowledge of our mankind on one platform. Totally voluntary, open and free for use. Just great and inspiring! Wikipedia proofs that people can achieve amazing things if they work together.

For working together and for sharing knowledge on such a platform you need a wiki. Wiki Wiki (quick quick) is the name of the free shuttle bus on the Honolulu International Airport in Hawaii. Ward Cunningham, the developer of the first wiki software was inspired by this quick airport shuttle.

Wiki is not only a software for collaboration but a philosophy as well. You have to do it the wiki style. You have to follow an open approach. You have to trust your colleagues. Otherwise your knowledge platform of your project will never fly. Just using the wiki software is not enough. That’s why we always recommend our customers to follow an open approach. The contribution of an intern is as good as the contribution of the team leader. And if nobody in the team is brave enough to “correct” or add something to an article that was written by the team leader a wiki will not help you making your work easier and your project more efficient and transparent.

Content is king, not the author.  I’m 100% convinced that a wiki together with the open approach of the wiki philosophy is the best way to manage the knowledge of your team. Everybody should contribute and every contribution should be appreciated. Please don’t try to set up rules for your wiki. Just let it fly! Like one of our customers, who is very open and invited the whole team to contribute and use their project wiki. After some time the drivers of the project realized that they can easily create wiki pages for car workshops and “fleet management” (of course they don’t call it fleet management but they are doing it). So the wiki enabled them to do something very different from what was originally envisaged by the team leader but what was beneficial to the whole team.

Try the wiki way. Create a wiki platform and let it flow!