Excel In-House Training

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Energypedia consult has been assigned by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) in Geneva to conduct a one-day Excel training for monitoring in May.

Excel is a widely accessible software program offering much potential for monitoring and evaluation (M&E) data management and reporting needs. However, its potential is often underutilized. This workshop will help participants understand and better utilize the potential of Excel for M&E needs at the project, program and organizational levels. Only basic knowledge of Excel (see checklist) is required for this workshop, although we expect people more accustomed with Excel to learn new and innovative applications of this software.

A key premise of the workshop is that it will not use elaborate macros and advanced Excel programming that can complicate management of Excel products among different users over time and place. Instead, it will introduce a set of basic formulas and steps that have been tested and found most useful to help people achieve advanced analysis and reporting, without advanced and complicated software processes.

The workshop is structured in three primary sessions, with time for hands-on practice and learning.

We would be happy to conduct similar workshops in your organization or team!