Can Software be Sustainable?

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We at energypedia consult consider ourselves a responsible company, treating clients, partners and team members with respect, honesty and fairness. Being a subsidiary of energypedia non-profit we also are conscious of our corporate responsibility. Thus, we try to minimize our consumption of resources as far as possible. This means running our wikis on CO2 neutral servers as well as buying only eco-friendly or second hand office materials. Also with regard to our suppliers sustainability is of importance. Within Germany we travel by train only and for international flights we compensate our CO2 footprint.

But do we offer with WebMo a sustainable solution? Can software be sustainable? Can we apply the sustainability criteria (economic, environment, social) to our software? Is our software sustainable because it is open source and hosted on CO2 neutral servers?

We gave ourselves the challenge to be as sustainable as possible (asap;-) and we will put some thoughts and research into this question.

What is your opinion? We would highly appreciate your ideas about this issue! Of course, we will keep you up-to-date, check our blog and our next newsletter to be issued in August.