Breaking Down the Barriers - For More Accessible Monitoring Software

Robert Heine's picture

When we first created our M&E and collaboration software WebMo, we came from a place of genuinely wanting to make international development programs more transparent and efficient. After all, many of our team members, including myself, used to work in the field themselves. There is so much to be gained from a software that improves collaboration in the monitoring process, and this is true for projects of all shapes and sizes. WebMo was never meant to be a software exclusively reserved for highly funded projects. There are so many small NGOs doing great work.

That being said, the initial investment that goes into creating a software and continuously developing new features had to be covered. And so, for the past seven years, we have built and sold customized WebMos to over 50 customers worldwide, usually involving prices between 10.000 and 50.000 euros. While our prices have always been very competitive in comparison to other providers of tailor-made solutions, we are well aware of the fact that they exceed the budget of most small NGOs.

Additionally, even programs whose budget could easily cover a WebMo platform can be deterred if the cost requires them to follow their organization’s internal procurement rules. These usually involve a lengthy contracting period. Our experience has shown that this process can easily be as long as the time it takes us to implement the software. When purchasing an M&E system turns into an administrative battle between the project and head office or IT department, that’s not exactly what we would consider easy access to our digital monitoring solution. 

However, we want our software solutions to both meet the needs of M&E professionals AND be easily accessible. Which is why we asked ourselves how we can break down these two barriers – cost and effort – and came up with nothing less than a new business model. We will soon be introducing a slim and sophisticated version of WebMo, which will be instantly available for use, on a monthly subscription basis. Finally Results - WebMo Software for Monitoring and Collaboration

Thanks to our experience of the past seven years, we have created a standard version of WebMo, which covers all the basic requirements, and then some. Of course, individual adjustments will still be available upon request. The single project WebMo will be available for as little as 99,- euros per month, thus breaking down the purchasing barrier for many smaller programs. The multi-project version for 299,- euros per month will easily fit into the budget of many program officers in charge of larger projects, thereby breaking down the barrier related to effort and contracting in larger organizations.

We are looking forward to this important step in our company’s desire to offer the highest quality solutions to as many projects in the field as possible!