WebMo Updates

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In our quest to constantly improve WebMo, we recently updated our standard WebMo features:

  • Monitoring data and information from your project can now be downloaded into improved Word templates and then further edited for your progress or donor reporting;
  • You can now add locations to outputs and activities;
  • Following feedback from our clients, there is now more information from the Logframe tab also available on outcome and output sheets. So, on outcome sheets you will find information about related indicators and outputs; and on output sheets you will get also information about related indicators and activities with a timeline;
  •  The performance of the system has been improved by removing the “Maintenance tab” as it slowed down the system significantly. You can still find information about the completeness of your WebMo under “Maintenance” in the permanent navigation menu located at the left;
  • You can get WebMo not only in English but also in German, French, and Spanish!

Check it out and get your free trial now!