Principles for Digital Development

energypedia consult is an official endorser of the Principles for Digital Development, nine living guidelines designed to help digital development practitioners integrate established best practices into technology-enabled programs. Read is how we integrate the Principles in our work:

Design with the user

When customizing WebMo, we analyze our client's M&E needs and expectations from using WebMo through workshops and consultations. Then we find a way together how the tool can smoothly be integrated into the team's work routine including other tools they use. During and after the customization process, there are plenty of opportunities for the users to give feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Understand the Existing Ecosystem

As we are development practitioners with work experience outside the global North ourselves, we know the context of developing countries. This may include language, culture, infrastructure and connectivity concerns. We also investigate which other tools our clients use and to what purpose in order to make sure WebMo does not duplicate any process or disrupt a smooth work and information flow.

Design for scale

Based on past experience with dozens of clients, we have designed the current standard WebMo version in a way that meets the needs of most development projects, thus making it usable for a wide group, not just a niche. Moreover, you can use WebMo to monitor one project as well as a portfolio of 20 (or more) with an unlimited number of users.

Build for Sustainability

As we are passionate about M&E and local M&E capacity building we offer a "sustainable pricing" model where after a certain period or payment, WebMo becomes free for local organizations! Additionally, we are committed to strengthen the client's ownership for WebMo by training admins and inolving the users in the customization process. Lastly, our user-centered approach and choice of open source software ensures that WebMo remains adaptable even when project requirements change, so that it can be used for a long time.

Be data driven

As WebMo is a monitoring software, in its very nature it helps organizing, analyzing and making data accessible to decision-makers.

Use Open Standards, Open Data, Open Source, and Open Innovation

WebMo is built on the Open Source software MediaWiki, which is most famously used by Wikipedia.


Reuse and improve

One key advantage of using Open Source software is that the code can be modified as needed. We try to build on past experiences by reusing and adapting features, which significantly speeds up the customization process. Furthermore, having worked in the "IT for developmen"t space for more than 10 years and being well connected to the community, we are aware of tools and trends, meaning we can always point clients in the right direction, when we believe that another, existing approach might satisfy their needs better.

Address Privacy & Security

Energypedia consult applies a stringent privacy policy to meet German as well as EU data privacy (GDPR) and security standards. We update our server regularly with the latest security updates and use a multi-level data backup system to prevent data loss.


Be Collaborative

As we work with wikis (web platforms that every user can contribute to), collaboration is in our DNA. Wikis are all about knowledge exchange and most of our client WebMos are used not by one project, but across project and even organizations. Moreover, with the two open wiki platforms and, we promote the open knowledge exchange between stakeholders from the global North and South in two of our areas of expertise: renewable energy and results-based monitoring.