Our Approach

With our 8-strong team of M&E, IT and communications experts, we can help you take a holistic approach to your results.

We are facing a multitude of global challenges that require a comprehensive response and practical solutions. To address these pressing issues for our future, the United Nations has adopted an integrated approach to development goals in the 2030 Agenda. This large-scale strategy is equally valuable when applied at a smaller scale, and inspires our approach to our consultancy services, which are focused on results and impact.

We believe that the results of your program or project will ultimately make a greater difference if they are approached in a holistic way. Monitoring is more than data collection. Successful M&E involves analyzing and interpreting the data collected, so that it can be used for decision-making and program development. Presenting your results in an appropriate way not only contributes to internal knowledge management – it also allows you to communicate your impact to the outside world.

Accordingly, our services range from measuring to communicating your results. Our expertise covers all the steps from planning your monitoring to presenting your impact stories. We work both for donor-funded NGOs and multilateral organizations. We find the right solution for all our clients – a solution that fits your monitoring approach and your budget.


Our Products and Services

Our clients join us at different stages in their results journey. Some already have a sophisticated results framework in place and are looking for monitoring software. Others want to measure their results more effectively or present them publicly and commission us with impact studies or a communications strategy.

Wherever our clients are, we start by listening to them to understand their challenges and goals.

In doing so, we look at the links between the different aspects related to results. What results do you want/need to achieve? And how do you want to measure, evaluate and report on them? What tools are appropriate for you? To whom and how do you want to communicate your results?


1. Designing your Results Framework and M&E System

We can help you design or review your results framework and the logic behind it. Together, we will map out how your activities will lead to the desired results. We will identify underlying assumptions and help you define clear goals and indicators to make your progress measurable. To bring your logframe to life, we will help you to develop a systematic approach to your collaborative monitoring and regular, effective data collection. In this way, we will lay the foundations for a good M&E system.


2. M&E Tools and Software

To make your M&E system work, you need the right tools and skills. Our data and IT experts develop Excel tools and web-based monitoring software to help you collect, evaluate and interpret data (and train you to use them). Our clients use our multilingual software WebMo not only for monitoring, but also for cross-border collaboration, knowledge management and reporting. We customize WebMo to your needs, whether you want to monitor a small project or global programs. We can also integrate your organization's strategic objectives into WebMo. Our experts will advise you not only on the technical aspects, but also on your overall M&E system and goals.


3. Training / Coaching and Impact Studies

Creating a results framework and making your impact measurable can be a challenging undertaking. We offer trainings to enable your team to master these tasks. Our aim is always to help you keep track of your results and confidently manage your M&E system on your own. Besides regular M&E trainings, we also offer practice-oriented Excel trainings if that is your tool of choice.

You can also commission us to carry out evaluations and impact studies/assessments.


4. Learning and Knowledge Management

As a sister company to the knowledge platform energypedia.info, we are all about knowledge management and learning. We help our clients prepare their findings and lessons learned in a way that is useful to both their organization and to the wider DC community. With proper knowledge management, your findings and lessons learned can help make future projects even more effective.


5. Communicating your results

Another focus of our consultancy services is communicating your results. We help our clients make their achievements visible in both numbers and stories. We support you both in preparing your results for key stakeholders and in presenting them to the public.


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